Business school easier admission than Stern?

<p>Are there any business undergrad places that are a bit easier on admission than Stern? But are still respectable :]
Thank you.</p>

<p>Michigan is just as good, but it's less preferable because the location is worse and you're not guaranteed to be in the undergrad business school. Also try UNC and Virginia, ranked in the top ten I think.</p>

<p>Basically any good public school...UIUC, UT-A, respectable.</p>

<p>What is

<p>Michigan is just as good - meanign admissions is just as difficult, or the program itself is very good? And could you explain more abotu the gurantee thing?</p>

<p>UNC.. I forgot what this stood for, but I remember it wasn't east coast I think
Any colleges in the east coast? How about BostonU?</p>

<p>PSU VS. boston U?</p>

<p>UIUC=University of Illinois (the school of the Big Ten)</p>

<p>UNC=University of North Carolina (The Tarheels)</p>

<p>I think the U of Indiana has a pretty respectable business program, at least in finance.</p>

<p>Ehh.. Those locations are really unappealing :[ that sucks.</p>

<p>Baruch College of the City University of N.Y., University of Texas, Univs of Illinois, Ohio State, PSU, RIT, Univ. of Maryland, and Towson University.These are just a few suggestions among many others. I also think that both University of Cincinnati and Northeastern are good, especially when you consider their coop programs.</p>

<p>Also, it depends on the school and on the major.</p>

<p>Purdue is an eqivalence of Indiana U...bad location but great program!</p>

<p>Chibifry, have you even been to Bloomington (home of Indiana University) or Chapel Hill (UNC)? Those are some seriously gorgeous campuses with awesome college settings. At any rate, UNC is as selective as Stern for out of staters, so that's not help. Indiana is a good backup.</p>

<p>UT-Austin is also mega-selective for out-of-staters, as is Michigan, so no help there either.</p>

<p>Alexandre is right. Indiana has one of the prettiest campuses in the entire US....</p>

<p>Its not even that far from Chicago either...</p>

<p>"Are there any business undergrad places that are a bit easier on admission than Stern? But are still respectable :]"</p>

<p>if the business school is respectable. then a lot of people will respect it. if a lot of people respect it, they will apply to it. if a lot of people apply to it, the competition gets tougher. if the competition gets tougher, you have a less a chance of getting.</p>

<p>so, to make the story short, the respectability of a school go hand to hand with the admission rate of the school. i think...</p>

<p>Haha campus beauty is nice but its definately not one of my concerns, its just an extra. I live in NYC and basically all I care about is if the surrounding area is actually err lively. </p>

<p>^ Right, so thats why I was asking for a school that is easier on admissions than Stern but still respectable. Meaning admissions are easier but it is still .. a bit challenging.</p>

<p>Boston University
or Georgetown..
or Villanova..</p>

<p>I was thinking of Villanova too, but dont they give preference to Catholic kids? Since Im not Catholic am I going to be rejected ? :(</p>

<p>Georgetown is cool.. its harder than BU & Villanova though right?</p>

<p>Yea.. waaaay harder
But it's Catholic, so you might like it if you're into having crosses in like every class.
BU is FUN. The environment is great and they give a lot of money out. Apply for financial aid if you can.
Villanova is cool too. Great neighborhood.. about like 20 minutes away from me

<p>So Georgetown is Catholic?</p>

<p>Villanova gives preference to Catholics too doesnt it?</p>

<p>There's not "preference" to Catholics. It doesn't work like that. But the facts are Georgetown is a Catholic/Jesuit school and Villanova has a beautiful graveyard on campus.. soo.. yes, they're catholic, but no, you're not special just because you're Catholic..

<p>A beautiful GRAVEYARD?

<p>So in order of admission difficulty
BU < Villanova < Georgetown</p>

<p>Hmm I like Villa a lot actually, I heard their academics are excellent :] My friend goes there actually hehe</p>

<p>Villanova GPA / SAT range.. do you know?</p>

<p>umm.. go and check on their site
yeaa.. there's this graveyard.. well, it's not spooky or anything
it's this green meadow with white little tombstones all organized in rows..
really really pretty..
no, i'm not being morbid</p>

<p>Here are Villanova's Freshman admittance rates, and ACT/SAT/GPA levels:</p>

Admission: 9,175 applied; 5,321 admitted; 1,657 enrolled
Average high school GPA: 3.67
Test Scores:
SAT verbal scores over 500 97%
SAT math scores over 500 97%
ACT scores over 18 100%
SAT verbal scores over 600 65%
SAT math scores over 600 76%
ACT scores over 24 88%
SAT verbal scores over 700 10%
SAT math scores over 700 20%
ACT scores over 30 20% </p>

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