Business school searching in California!

So these past couple months, I have been researching potential colleges that could be an option for me in the future. I plan to get my bachelor of science in management. I have a few OOS schools in mind but I would like to know what are some business schools I should be looking at in California.

Background Info:

I am currently a high school sophomore in SoCal. My current unweighted GPA is 3.4 and I know I can change that because I will be taking 6 AP courses (3 per semester) my junior year to increase my weighted GPA. So far, my first semester of my sophomore year has been the most difficult. It looks like I will be receiving a C in math. This is the first C I have ever gotten and hope it will be the last. Next year as a junior, my plan is to take AP Biology, AP History, and AP English which will increase my overall weighted GPA. By the end of my junior year, I plan to have around a 3.4 unweighted GPA and around a 3.6 weighted GPA.

My extracurriculars include: 8 years of piano at local music school, 4 years of club swim team, and varsity swim team throughout my entire high school career.

Please recommend any business schools that I should be looking at that have a good reputation for business management.

As a HS sophomore, I wouldn’t recommend you start focusing on a specific campus. Rather, focus on doing things you like and being a well rounded applicant. Take the courses required by the UCs That map will get you into virtually any school in the country.

Do your best and post again when you have a PSAT score and another couple of semesters under your belt.

Your opinion might change so much I recommend you wait until at least the summer to worry about it. I hope that part of your research has been covering how much the cost of attendance has risen so your parents need to be thinking about how much they can contribute because that’s going to define the tone of the search.