business school to harvard?

<p>is transfering to harvard from business school allowed?
In other words,, are kids from business school eligible for applying?</p>

<p>If you mean from an MBA program, then certainly not.</p>

<p>For an undergraduate business program, my view was that Harvard doesn't accept applications for transfer, because I read somewhere on the H website that vocational classes won't be given credit. I think they only want liberal arts.</p>

<p>Business classes aren't vocational. You can transfer to Harvard from an undergraduate business program, but maybe you won't have a lot of credits transfer since there aren't equivalent courses.</p>

<p>i always wondered about that...ive heard from a lot of sources that business is not a vocational training and ive heard from others that it is. im really confused. does someone know the exact answer?</p>

<p>Unless your business classes were taken at a vocational (career) college, then they aren't vocational. There is a lot of history, math, psychology, and sociology taught in University business courses.</p>

<p>Google vocational school.</p>

<p>Then look at programs at universities like UMich, MIT, USC, NYU, Penn, Cornell, UVA, UT, etc.</p>

<p>The classes involved in the different degrees are not the same.</p>