Business School

<p>is there anybody who transferred into rutgers business school in new brunswick from arts and science???</p>

<p>they say the minimum GPA to apply is 3.0 but what do you really need???
do you know the GPA if you or a friend got in???</p>

<p>My brother just got admitted to Rutgers business school in new brunswick about 2 months ago for fall 2011 from brookdale community college. His gpa was a 3.8</p>

<p>I just switched over… I have a 3.5 so they let me in without question. Thing is, SAS is more competitive than RBS. You’ll be fine if you were in SAS first. It’s a month after you posted this now, and I hope you go tin.</p>

<p>RBS is HARDER to get into than SAS. SAS is actually the easiest to get into.</p>

<p>They say the minimum is 3.0 because that is what the business students must maintain in order to stay in the program. The gpa you need to transfer in will depend on the amount of spots open and the quality of students applying for transfers.</p>

<p>bottlecap, I specifically talked to the admissions office, and they confirmed that if I was admitted into SAS, then there should be absolutely no problem getting into RBS as long as there’s a seat available. If you want to debate it, call them up your self.</p>

<p>I am not trying to debate or argue with you. I never said that you would have a problem getting into RBS. I was just trying to say that you are NOT guaranteed a spot at the business school even if you are already enrolled at SAS and have a 3.5+ GPA. RBS is very competitive and In order to get in as a transfer, you must complete a list of prerequisites (financial accounting, business stats, calculus, economics, and others) and then apply and compete with others applying from school outside of Rutgers. You are correct that it will be easier to do a school to school transfer within rutgers. (in this case from SAS to RBS). Even if you got accepted straight from HS to RBS, you would still need to spend a few semesters completing those prerequisites I listed above at SAS while maintaining a high GPA.</p>

<p>HS students who don’t have the grades and SAT scores to get in directly to RBS would normally apply to SAS first, complete the prerequisites there, and then apply to RBS.</p>

<p>I can guarantee you that RBS is DEFINITELY tougher to get into than SAS. You will never see a student who got into RBS but rejected at SAS.</p>

<p>I have a brother who just got admitted to RBS for fall 2011. He came from community college (brookdale) with over 60 credits and a 3.8 GPA. He just completed all of the prerequisites I listed above this past spring.</p>

<p>RBS is indeed harder to get into than SAS. I know a few people who applied to both but got denied to RBS and made it to SAS.</p>

<p>That’s the only reason I chose RBS, because it carries a bit of a higher prestige.</p>

<p>That been said, RBS is still not up there with any of the top tier schools :[</p>