Business School?

<p>I am currently studying business administration at Northeastern University.
I really wanted to go to top business school after I graduate, but my GPA is really low.
After this semester, hopefully I can bring it back up to a 3.3.</p>

<p>The good thing about NEU is that, I will definitely have experience working in the "real world" when I graduate, since I will be going on 2-3 (2 for now) coops.</p>

<p>The questions I wanted to ask is...</p>

<p>How bad will my GPA hurt me? Especially since I will have coop experience to back up my low GPA.</p>

<p>I think your GPA will hurt a lot at the top !0 or so MBA programs. Try to ace the GMATs though and give it a shot.</p>

<p>Top b schools want full time employment experience…not internships, not coops…they want to see you have 3-4 years of a regular job. You won’t have that after NEU.</p>