Business School

<p>Hey everyone. I am looking to apply to Tulane for business. Do i need to fill out a specific application for that or do i just send in an application and start taking courses in the business dept?</p>


<p>You only apply to Newcomb-Tulane College. Every school, other than professional schools, is part of this college. So Freeman (business), School of Liberal Arts, School of Science and Engineering, even Architecture, are simply schools within the College, and do not require seperate applications. You declare a major after arriving (not required to officially declare until end of sophomore year, but you will be assigned an advisor based on intended major if you have one) and then get officially assigned to a school, and to an advisor from that school. That's one of the great things about Tulane compared to some other universities, changing majors is very easy, even across schools. Same with double majoring in different schools, etc. Each school does have its own graduation requirements in addition to the core requirements of the College, so that and of course the requirements for each major come into play. That's why you get an advisor from each school in which you have a major or even, I think, a minor.</p>

<p>By knowing early that you want to start in the business school, you can get advising early too and so they can help you get the right courses. For example, Tulane requires a one hour course called TIDEs for entering freshmen, which is basically just something interesting but very laid back to help with the transition to college life. Business people have their own set of TIDE's courses to choose from. Things like that, but you will have no problems. Just apply to Tulane and good luck!</p>