Business to PreMed [with difficult circumstances]

<p>I'm currently studying Business in the states and have recently been suspended for a year for academic difficulty. For the record, I am not a bad student; I have never really been passionate about studying business or commerce - so taking it at a pure business school stands as my biggest regret. Anyway, like I said my suspension is due to my difficulty in Business, rather than being a 'bad student'. However, I am aware of how less-than-amazing this looks as a transfer admission but I am looking for a university [preferably in canada since I am canadian or the US is fine] that will take a transfer student this late in the process to either science or premed with a year long suspension. My high school GPA was 3.6 and my college GPA is 2.0. </p>

<p>Please help!</p>

<p>go to a CC, knock out all your pre reqs then apply to a 4 year</p>