Business Week Rankings

<p>Why was the teaching quality grade of Carlson ranked at C on business week from 2006 to 2008?
Is it really not so good? </p>

<p>And I found that the Job replacement grade dropped from A+ to A in 2008.
The overall ranking fell from 26 in 2006 to 48 in 2008.</p>

<p>Will its rankings fall further in the future?
Can I believe the rankings?</p>

<p>Undergrad</a> - BSchools
Undergrad</a> B-School Rankings: Interactive Table
Undergrad</a> B-School Rankings: Interactive Table</p>

<p>I would not put much stock into the rankings at all. They change every year with schools rising and dropping when the schools have very little difference from year to year. I don;t know specifically how they give grades on teaching quality, but I would have to assume you are going to have your really good and really bad professors anywhere you go.</p>

<p>In regards to the job ranking going from A+ to A, it doesn't mean a thing. Carlson does a great job of placing its graduates. Minneapolis is a great location for businesses and many come to campus to hire graduates rather than the graduates going out to each business searching for a job. They have rooms specifically designated for on campus recruiting. I think they have a nice online system that helps with internship and job placement too.</p>

<p>I don't think that the ranking will fall in the future. They are opening a new building specifically for undergrads next fall that is really nice. I got a tour of it last week. They also are starting an international requirement next fall. All incoming freshmen are required to do some sort of study abroad thing for a more international focus.</p>

<p>Carolyn, where do you plan to work after graduation and what other schools are you considering?</p>

<p>Well, I do not have a specific plan of where to work.
I was choosing between University of Pittsburgh and UM.
I have decided to go to UM but I recently noticed the business week rankings and I was a bit hesitate again, because I thought teaching quality is very important.
That is why I asked the question...</p>

<p>And thank you lville, I am more certain about my choice again...</p>