Busy Schedule

<p>Hey guys -</p>

<p>I want to go to college somewhere in California. I've been looking at a wide range of schools: Berkley, Stanford, San Diego, etc. If not in California, I'd just like to get out state, and other colleges like Yale and Georgetown are on my list. I'm a Midwest boy, and REALLY need to get out of here.</p>

<p>As I enter my Junior year, I have a lot of ECs, and as I just started getting heavily involved with them as a sophomore, I'm starting to think my schedule as a Junior would literally give me two hours of sleep. My current schedule for Junior year is:</p>

<p>Early Bird PE (PE is required)
Honors Spanish 4
Honors French 4
AP Stats
Honors Trig/Pre-Calc
AP Psych
Honor Choir
AP Lit</p>

<p>However, with all my ECs (President of two clubs, Vice President of two clubs, varsity showchoir, choreographer of a showchoir, debate, All State for choir, volunteering 5 hours a week, as well as working 15 hours for my job) I don't think I can handle that. Every single morning I will have to get up at 6, and every night I won't be getting back until 10 PM. </p>

<p>Basically, my life would be consumed with school work.</p>

<p>I was thinking of dropping AP Stats, in place for a study hall. That would give me 45 minutes every single day to work on homework, study for tests, etc.</p>

<p>I want to look competitive to selective colleges though, and want to make sure that this won't destroy my chances. Any advice?</p>


<p>There are plenty of schools in CA even if you can't get into standford. For the UC's its largely a numbers game because of the sheer number of applicants (50K) so posting your GPA/ SAT or ACT could help us reassure you way more.</p>

<p>Anyway you do have lots of extracurriculars which is good but if you are too unfocused then maybe you could stop some of them. Otherwise maybe drop a language class? or Maybe stats since you are already taking a math.</p>

<p>Just remember that you need good (great for many of the colleges on your list) grades junior year</p>

<p>Take the study hall. Both of my kids go/went to schools with free blocks in the schedule. Their schools also limit academic classes to five or six, one school required special permission to take more than three AP classes. It looks as though you must be on a block schedule and your coursework is rigorous.</p>

<p>My GPA is near perfect UW, and I'm in the top 10 people out of 530. ACT is still relatively weak because I've only taken it once (no practice, and on 3 hours of sleep... dumb move) with a 28.</p>

<p>I'm really thinking about taking that study hall. But I don't want to look lazy.</p>

<p>Edit: And nope, not on a block schedule, these classes meet everyday all year.</p>