But how are they....really? (Computer Science in PNW Colleges/Universities)

Hello, first time poster, first time college mom.

Our son is narrowing to Oregon & Washington schools and Computer Science major. We have toured many, and they all put on good show, but how are they really? According to his school counselor he won’t have trouble getting in with his grades and scores; of course I am wanting him to receive a good deal of merit aid so that is also a factor eventually for the private schools.

He’s looking at mostly small liberal arts schools, plus perhaps some Honors Colleges at big schools (not sure if he will get in to those programs or not). He comes from a very small school; and while I, as a parent, want his ideal college to have social opportunities that will draw him out of his dorm now and then; he’s not looking for Greek life and the raucous football game crowds, for example. He does like sports & music, plays both in school but isn’t going that route; however a place that supports those who like to play sports and music for fun is key. A place with established social programs, strong dorm programs; he’s not what I’d call a self-starter of things, though a good participant and hard-worker of those he joins.b

First the big ones:
WSU (this is very attractive financially to us as a WUE school with lower tuition)

University of Portland
Williamette University
University of Puget Sound
Gonzaga (he didn’t love this one for some reason, but kept it on his list as a maybe)

Are we missing something in Oregon/Washington that you’d recommend for CS? UW is basically out due to their out of state tuition and, from what I can tell, low merit aid offerings to OOS students.

Thank you for any advice.

Check out the Kiplinger’s “best value” list in table view.

You can click-sort on individual columns such as the one for non-need-based aid.

The best school for CS in the PNW outside of UDub will be OSU. WSU, Oregon, and Portland State also have decent programs.