Butler pre-Physician Assistant program acceptances

If you got into the pre-PA program for class of 2022 or 2023, can you please share your stats?

Also curious to hear from any students currently in the actual PA program.

Our daughter just applied! Super curious too!

Thanks for starting this thread!

DD was accepted a few weeks ago:
ACT- 36SS (35 raw)
4.33 gpa

was awarded $20,000 with acceptance letter

So excited to connect with other families:)

Acceptance came today to Health Sciences/Pre-PA with $16k scholarship! My daughter got a text message saying there was an update to her account and there it was.

SAT: 1250
GPA: 4.1
Rank: Top 25% (but at highly competitive high school)
Rigor (APs/honors): 8 APs and almost all the rest honors
Extras: outstanding (internships, jobs, leadership, medical-related stuff, etc)
State Residency: Virginia
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female

Applied date:late August
Decision date: 11/30/18