Butler scholars forum

<p>Did anyone else get invited to interview at the butler scholars forum? Does anyone know anything about the Morton-finney leadership scholarship? Thanks for your responses, in advance.</p>

<p>yes I got invited also, but I don’t know anymore than what the paper said either. </p>

@mykamarmo‌ I’m from NY so I’m not sure if I will be able to make it out to butler for that weekend.

I was invited as well, but I have no idea what scholarship it’s for. There wasn’t much info provided.

@littlemissdancer‌ @mykamarmo‌ it said it was for the Morton finney leadership scholarship. I also got invited to another event for a business departmental scholarship. Anyone get invited to that?

@turtleneck7‌ Nope I’m a pharmacy student so no business scholarship, just the Morton Finney

@turtleneck7 @mykamarmo sorry for the late comment, but when did you receive your invitation to the Scholar’s Forum? Was it before or after Christmas? I was hoping to get invited this year! Thanks!

@tylerm326 I just received my invitation in the mail, so after Christmas

@ajs28152 okay thanks for the update! Good luck!