Butler scholarship $ history & Lacy school

Trying to determine possibility and range of potential $ if any for leadership and interest in business school.

3.7/4.0 uw, with average ACT/SAT scores, tons of involvement & leadership in large high school.

Butler is 1st choice, but so much more $ than state schools. Will not qualify for need based aid.

Has anyone received scholarship $ for similar circumstances & what was the offer/range?

Any tips?

I know that merit ranges from $11000 to $20000 for freshman. If you’re invited to the Business Scholar interview days you can receive additional money but I’m not sure how much more. Maybe up to another $5000, but you’d have to check with Butler.

anyone else thinking about Butler? My D got in EA with a nice merit aid amount. it’s the first school she’s heard about so at least it’s a good start ; )

Our daughter applied to butler. Still waiting to hear back. But I don’t think it’s a prime contender. When we went to visit, she was surprised how little there was to do within a walking distance of campus. I think she’s looking for a school in a more urban area. She has a couple other offers in big cities so she will probably select one of those schools. But she still hopes she gets accepted to Butler. And she loves the mascot. ??‍♀️

Hello, my daughter applied on 9/30 and got in on 11/2 with $20K merit aid. She got an email a couple of days ago inviting her to apply to the Honors program.

Her stats are:
1520 SAT (750E, 770M, 18 essay)
760 SAT subject test Math II
760 SAT subject test Chem
GPA 4.0, weighted 4.5
lots of honors and AP classes and has passed all APs with 4’s and 5’s (AP Scholar and CSF)

Research at UC Davis YSP program summer of Junior Year
Volunteered at Lawrence Hal of Science at Cal summer of Senior Year
Volunteer at free food pantry 3 years
Swim instructor
Special Olympics swim coach Summer/Fall 3 years
Has swam on year round swim team since she was 6
Varsity swim all 4 Years
Co-prez WISTEM
Member of Link Crew 3 years
Peer Tutor 3 years

Hearing back from Butler was really nice. Now she’s waiting to see how the rest of the cards fall ; )

@indyblue, have you heard back? Good luck!!!

Heard back 10/28 from And was admitted with $15k/year merit aid.

Excited to be admitted and receive the merit award!

My daughter is planning to apply next year, so I’m reading this with interest. She’s lived in the suburbs all her life, in California and isn’t all that interested in urban setting. (her stats and credentials are not quite as good as crknwk2000s daughter, though she’s retaking the SAT). I did reach out to one of the clubs she is most interested in and they responded quickly and they couldn’t have been nicer.

FWIW, when my son applied 2 years ago, he got not a dime from the UCs, but the merit aid he got from out of state state schools and privates brought the cost down to the same as the state schools (I have to think they take that into consideration for strong candidates). In state could be much different.