Butler University 2023

Hi everyone! I noticed that there was no thread for Butler 2023, so I’m starting one! I applied EA at the beginning of October, and got my acceptance on Nov 2 (1 day after the EA deadline!). I got $16k/year of merit aid, and have yet to hear back about financial aid or additional scholarships I applied for.
These are my stats:
30 ACT (superscore)
3.63 UW gpa (very rigorous school)
5 APs total in high school career
A lot of ECs that show a lot of leadership and passion in the same subjects: theatre, communications, and writing

Let me know about you guys!

My daughter was accepted EA 2023 as well. $15k/year merit aid.
27 ACT
3.57 GPA
4 AP
2 Varsity sports, job, tons of EC’s, leadership, etc. We were happy with the 15k honestly. Still deciding between several other schools. Don’t know a lot about Butler yet. Excited to figure it all out.

I was accepted EA with $18k/year of scholarships and admitted directly into the Business school!
31 ACT superscore, 29 natural
3.93 unweighted GPA, 4.1 weighted GPA
5 total ap’s in high school career
ECs: NHS member and officer, mentor at elementary school, competitive dance, PAL(peer assistance leader), in area volunteering and huge summer camp participant.