butler university

<p>hey i was wondering how good butler university is......they sent me a letter and info and stuff like that but since its not even in my state, i have no idea if its even a good school...anyone know?</p>

<p>Being from Indiana, I know a little bit about Butler. Butler is a pretty decent school in a nice part of Indianapolis. The Butler campus is quite attractive and is situated on the banks of the Wabash River. I would say it is a medium-sized school -- about 4,000 undergrads. My guess that well over half of the students are from Indiana, with the vast majority of the rest of the students from surrounding midwestern states. Consequently, the students at Butler tend to be politically and religiously conservative, though not in-your-face Bible thumpers.</p>

<p>Butler has a particularly strong music program and is well known in these parts for their school of pharmacy (Purdue and Butler are the only schools that have pharmacy programs in Indiana). Personally, I know two people who graduated from Butler. One is a pharmacist and picked Butler over Purdue because he wanted a smaller program with more individualized attention. The other person I know who went there was biology major and she is now a high school biology teacher. Both of them speak well of the school and are very happy with the quality of education they received.</p>

<p>Fair or not, in terms of educational quality, in my mind I lump Butler in with schools such as Valparaiso, Bradley, Drake, and Creighton. To give you an idea of my range, my perception is that Tulsa is a just above those schools in terms of resources and quality, while Oakland University in Michigan is just a tad below Butler et.al. in terms of resources and quality. </p>

<p>In sum, Butler is a nice school school on a nice campus -- the Buick LeSabre of educational institutions. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>Dont know much about the school, though I did do their abroad program which was amazing</p>

<p>icemaker: do you go to school in Indiana?</p>

<p>Butler also is know for their education major and dance program. Plus, it's D1 sports (in everything except football) so there's school spirit. Greeks are a presence.</p>

<p>fredo --</p>

<p>to answer your question -- no. I was born and raised in Indiana and have recently moved back to the state. My brother went to Earlham, while I escaped the grasp of Indiana and headed out of state for my undergraduate education.</p>