Butler Visit

<p>We are visiting Butler on Monday with rising HS senior D. Would love to hear from students/grads/parents about what you love and don't love about Butler. What is a "must do" during our visit? What can you tell us about merit $$? D is interested in college of business, interested in pursuing a career in human resources.</p>

<p>The Butler thread is very quiet on CC, but I'll tell you a bit about our visit in case anyone is interested. Our visit was during freshman orientation week, so campus wasn't "bustling" yet. It was very quiet when we arrived, but by noon there were groups of students sitting outside in circles doing orientation activities. It's a beautiful campus. Was impressed that the college of business REQUIRES TWO internships. They quoted very job high placement rates, and I assume the internship requirement plays a big part in that. Seems like there's not much to do on campus or walking distance as far as shops, restaurants, etc. so it seems like you would need a car or make friends with someone with a car so you can go to Indianapolis or close-by Broad Ripple. Had lunch in the Broad Ripple area, which seems like a fun, lively area. Butler is now on D's consideration list, but not at the top.</p>