Buy Nothing groups

Anyone else in one? I joined one recently, and today was my first give. I love how people are so generous. There’ve been some REALLY nice things exchanged.

Here’s a story for those unfamiliar …

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Is this one of those things where if you have something to give away, you post it. My niece has used it both as a giver and a recipient. They have gotten some amazing things.

Yep. I am a little amazed at some of the weird, crappy stuff some people will give, but there always seems to be someone willing to take opened food and used makeup! And like I said, there’s also some amazing stuff worth hundreds of dollars exchanged.

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My wife uses Facebook marketplace and there is a free section. We have 3 things waiting to be picked up now. People want just about anything you post… Lol… But have actually met nice people. Most of them young professionals… It’s great for young kids just getting an apartment. Honestly, everything my wife got was in great condition. She needed an office chair since hers broke… Bam… A nice black leather one that looked new the next day…

I have been giving some stuff away on Craigslist. We put a pause on this due to the pandemic, but will probably resume after we both have our second vaccination.

There is a lot of useful stuff in the world that is IMHO too valuable to throw away, but not valuable enough that it is worth the effort to sell it.

“Decluttering homes” is a very good plan IMHO.

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We have some local ones though not called “Buy Nothing” on FB - they are “for free” sites. It is interesting to see the stuff offered - or asked for (you can do that as well - “I’m setting up an apt and need furniture”) I think I’ve come to realize that some people just can’t throw ANYTHING away! Some of the stuff offered is so random and in bad shape - yuck! But largely it’s a good system.

Lots of them in my area. People clear out their homes this way.

I love the concept of re-use and have purchased many items from local Facebook Marketplace sales. But to personally downsize, for most items, I prefer to donate rather than use a buy nothing exchange site.

I found that if you list an item for “free”, there will be an overabundance of takers. If you list the item at its supposed value, it often takes forever to sell. If you list an item for 50% less than the supposed value (say $10 for what would normally sell for $20 used, and maybe $50-$100 new), you still get buyers wanting to bargain for $5. Not worth the time and effort ultimately.

By donating, I’m hoping someone can buy it at a discount, and/or the charity profits, so a win-win.


I used Freecycle for a few years (starting about 15 years ago?). Mostly I was a “giver” getting rid of things, but a few times I was a “taker”. As Craiglist and FB ramped up, they became easier methods for people… though I rarely participated. It has become easier to just drop off stuff at ARC or Goodwill thrift shop.

I’ve given away so many items recently with the local buy nothing group. Mostly old kids toys and dress shoes.

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