buying a book bag

<p>I was trying to pick out a bag for my son to carry his stuff in to class. I was wondering, I have heard it rains a lot. Should I be looking for something that is waterproof and what do most of the kids use....messenger bag, backpack etc.</p>

<p>I bought a really nice backpack on ebay that has a special place for laptop storage for a very reasonable price. It is waterproof as well.</p>

<p>Yes, consider something that is water resistant. It also helps if there is some kind of outside pocket where a small umbrella can be kept for those rain showers that catch you off-guard.</p>

<p>My kids use big, roomy backpacks. My younger son's is from LLBean</p>

<p>Northface also make wonderful backpacks. They may be somewhat expensive but their sturdiness makes them a good buy.</p>

<p>Yeah, weather-proof laptop backpacks are a must. If your in a science or engineering major, you're gonna need to have a backpack. A messenger will not be enough to carry your big textbooks. For majors where your books tend to be smaller paperbacks (humanities, business?), a shoulder bag may work.</p>

<p>A laptop backpack is good if your son will be packing his laptop. Otherwise, it is personal preference. I use a slightly smaller backpack when I don't have my laptop. North Face and monogrammed LLBean backpacks are both very popular. I don't know if they gave them out at Bama Bound this year, but having small cinch bag is good for those times when you don't need a lot of things, but don't want to shove everything in your pockets.</p>

<p>Timbuk2 bags are fantastic, especially if you have a bike. (also, they're made in the states, fwiw)</p>

<p>We bought the LL Bean bookbags the last couple of years and were very disappointed with their durability, especially given their price. Had better luck with the Jansport supersized backpacks, but don't think those will be big enough for college and a laptop.</p>

<p>Son has a Swiss laptop backpack he used during a college class last summer where he used a laptop, but it fits hardly any books.</p>

<p>Can anyone recommend a laptop backpack that will also hold a lot of books, especially for engineering/science majors who have large textbooks, or should one have a messenger bag for the laptop, and a regular backpack for the books?</p>


<p>Since your son is an NMF, he'll be given the NMF backpack when he gets his laptop. My son has had his since 2007 and it's held up pretty well. </p>

<p>The backpack is kind of a status symbol since only the National scholars, academic elite, and Crimson scholarships have them. </p>

<p>He'll get the laptop and backpack the day before classes start.</p>

<p>You might want to send along some Scotchguard or waterproofing spray and have your son thoroughly spray the backpack (in a vented area!) before using. </p>

<p>I doubt your son will have to take his laptop to class. My kids have never had to do that. When a computer is needed, he can use one of the many on campus or use the CBH lab.</p>

<p>Many kids habitually email their work to themselves so they can retrieve it anywhere. Or, they carry around a flash drive. </p>

<p>Either way, I doubt your son is going to want to carry a backpack for books and a messenger bag for a laptop. Too much.</p>

<p>Also, kids only carry with them books that they will need for that day (and for many classes they don't bring their textbooks with them). So, unlike high school, kids aren't carrying around all their books with them.</p>

<p>Thanks so much, mom, for the tip. I forgot about the backpack with the laptop. I assume it's a laptop backpack? </p>

<p>Since son has many breaks between labs that are too short to walk back to dorm, he may want to bring books for the next day to do homework. (Here's hoping!) </p>

<p>I'm going to check out ebags for some finds and will pass on any bargains I come across.</p>

<p>Here's a great backpack at a good price: (today only, btw)
Tanga</a> - Product of the Day</p>

<p>Yes, it's a laptop backpack....but, I doubt your son will be carting around his laptop. A lot of CBHers use the CBH lab.</p>

<p>Frankly, I was glad that kids don't need to bring laptops to class because kids have a tendency to "plop" their backpacks down and that can't be good for laptops. :/</p>

<p>As for homework between classes.... Since your son will be taking a math class every semester for the next couple of years, he'll likely carry around this math book to do that homework between classes.</p>