buying a computer from CMU?

<p>is it a good idea to buy one from the CMU computer store?</p>

<p>I'm just thinking it'll be better to buy a laptop from over there than here because I hate the idea of taking it through airport and I'm wondering if there are other benefits.</p>

<p>There's an Apple store in Shadyside, you could get one there. My advice is to NOT buy one from Sarcom (the computer store at CMU). I've had to go to them a couple times for computer service - once for a busted HD, another time for a motherboard replacement. Both were pretty simple hardware fixes that I could have done myself in a day if I'd had a car. </p>

<p>It took them two weeks per fix. I kid you not. This is after they gave me an estimate of "about two days".</p>

<p>Meanwhile, if you buy a mac, Applecare will ensure your laptop's good to go the same day it breaks. If you buy a Dell (order it for example), you can call the Dell next-day service and they'll literally show up at your dorm room to fix your laptop in 1-2 hours.</p>

<p>okay, so buy one in the local area instead, what about a thinkpad?</p>

<p>They seem to be great computers, but I have no idea where to get one, haha.</p>

<p>Lenovo</a> Outlet - Laptops & netbooks</p>

<p>Buy from the outlet, its much cheaper than the website. Also, over time , they stock more laptops- you need to watch it for when they all go up, because you can get some pretty good deals.</p>

<p>About a year ago, I bought a nice T61 with a 9 cell battery and a 2.6 dual core processor for like, $550(that was great at the time). I do not regret my purchase. I spilled a fishtank on it while it was on, and it survived(yay thinkpad!)</p>

It took them two weeks per fix. I kid you not. This is after they gave me an estimate of "about two days".


<p>I am pretty sure they outsource the hardware stuff. 2 weeks sounds about right.</p>

<p>Whatever you decide to buy- if you buy it direct from the company, there are "educational" discounts-- about 10-15% depending on the time of year.</p>

<p>This is a GREAT time to buy your computer-- there are many "graduation" deals- i.e. @ Apple, if you buy a laptop you get a free Ipod touch-(which you can always dump on ebay if you don't want it).</p>

<p>Make sure to snag the educational discount -- it's usually substantial.</p>

<p>@metal: I had asked if it was going to be outsourced and said that I needed it within the week, as I had a few long papers to write. THey assured me they would do it in-house. Sneaky little buggers. ):<</p>

<p>wow, thanks metal! I'm probably gonna buy from there now, the prices seem great!</p>

<p>Not sure if they still do (and too lazy to check), but the CMU computer store used to sell Thinkpads. A number of my friends got them and they all seemed to be pretty good workhorse laptops. Not nearly as flash as a Mac, but I don't remember any of them complaining about their computer being slow, breaking, or any other problems. They seemed to have pretty good battery life and were way lighter than the Dell I had bought.</p>

<p>I do IT and I can tell you guys the following:</p>

<li><em>I</em> was told that the hardware was outsourced. I saw a flyer today saying that Sarcom is a 3rd party. Chances are, they arent doing it on campus.</li>
<li>They still sell thinkpads.</li>
<li>Do NOT get a Dell or an HP!</li>

<p>In DS's time, CMU store had IBM ship directly to home. Better unit than what he could get from IBM or retailer for the price. Better warranty too. The Thinkpad died after 7 years. </p>

<p>Apple can be had with the education discount from retailers.</p>