Buying A Laptop

My major is nursing and I’m thinking of getting a MacBook. Is it better to buy it At Walmart or Amazon? Also, is 2GB enough memory or I should go with 4GB?

I don’t think there’s a substantial difference between ordering from Amazon vs Walmart unless you have prime shipping. You could also just order from the apple store.

2GB is not enough memory to efficiently run the newer OSes or modern programs like Google Chrome and Microsoft Office. Many of the newer phones are shipping with 4GB so your PC should have at least that. I’m not even sure modern MacBooks come with 2GB of RAM.

If there’s a Best Buy near you, you can sign up for student deals right when you get your laptop, and usually get a pretty nice discount. Also if you want a Mac, shop around Apple stores and other reputable computer repair places for refurbished MacBooks. I’d try to max out on RAM as much as is within your budget.

I’d recommend the Apple store and if you wait just a bit they usually run the promotion for free Beats this time of year.