Buying a Mac

<p>I think I'm going for the 14'' iBook (combo drive) because of price and other reasons, but I don't know if buying from the college bookstore or Apple itself is the best idea. What's the best way to go about buying a Mac?</p>

<p>On you can get an education discount. I don't know about college bookstores.</p>

<p>I'd try the bookstore. The discount you get MAY be greater than what you'd get through the general education section of Apple's online store. </p>

<p>I'm purchasing my laptop through a custmoized apple site through DePauw. I get the regualr educational price and an extra $100 off.</p>

<p>Does Apple offer an international warranty package?</p>

<p>Official college bookstores/techstores get additional discounts.</p>

<p>That said, don't buy a mac.</p>

<p>yeah, buy straight from your school's computer store. And yes, buy a mac if you want (I'm a longtime Windows techie and supporter who is going to get a Powerbook to augment my windows desktop - both are good platforms)</p>

<p>but a mac if thats what you want, dont listen to that guy. They are great systems</p>

<p>care to support your statement maize&blue?
From the apple site: "macs do everything that a pc does, only better"</p>

<p>anyway, i'm really confused as to whether i should get a 14' ibook or a 12' powerbook. i just can't seem to decide. could anyone offer helpful inputs that may turn the scales in favour of either of the 2 machines?</p>

<p>From the Apple site, you would read statements like that.
From a PC site, you would find statements supporting PC's.</p>

<p>Anyway, I would recommend the 14" iBook if you aren't going to be moving around all that much. I currently am using a 14.1" laptop and even then, I find the screen to be small. Of course, if you are constantly on the move, the 12" screen might be better. (Although if you plan to not be in the room all day, you may want to consider an extra battery as iBooks have better battery life)</p>

<p>bruno- have you checked out the other thread called [thread=63446]12" Powerbook vs. 14"iBook[/thread]? You might be able to find more specific advice there.</p>

<p>I'd personally get the 12" powerbook. At college portability is key, not necessarily because you will take it to class everyday (I've heard that people rarely do) but it is nice to be able to take it to the library, park, garden, etc. The extra 2" you would get from the 14" wouldn't help much becasue the 14" has the same resolution as the 12", only the pixels are larger which makes for a less clear picture. Also, the added features you get from the powerbook (especially the keyboard!) make it worth it to spend the extra money on the powerbook instead of the iBook, in my opinion.</p>

<p>you dont get the backlit keyboard on the 12 inch powerbook, only 15 inch and up. I would get the 15 inch powerbook.</p>

<p>Steep price, though, for the powerbooks.</p>

<p>Can you be more specific about the added features?</p>

<p>thanks so much for the link, leigh. i too like the powerbooks alot, for their style, design etc. but it would be wonderful if someone could discuss the added features a powerbook has over an ibook. if the price of the powerbook wasn't so steep, i wouldn't have thought twice about getting one.</p>

<p>I agree with Bruno. Is the powerbook really that much faster and durable than the ibook? Which one would be a better buy? I've also been wondering exactly when the pb would be updated. In addition to this, is it worth buying a Mac if all you've known are PC's?</p>

<p>Well, seeing as how they say "the most avid mac fans are those who switched" and that someone told me this personally as a "switcher", I think it's worth a try.</p>

<p>i switched from an alienware laptop (top of the line for windows) to an Apple 15in powerbook and all I gotta say is this ***** is staight fire. I used to be anti-apple but now id never go back.Ive been reppin Apple to the fullest now. POWERBOOK IS THE WAY 2 GO!!!</p>

<p>Powerbook Advantages
Double the ram: 512 ram vs 256
Faster processor: 1.5ghz vs 1.2
Better gfx: 64mb NVIDIA GeForce FX GO 5200 vs 32mb ATI 9200
Double and faster hd: 60gb 5400 vs 30gb 4500
Faster system: bus 167 vs. 133
Bluetooth 2.0 standard vs None
DVI output vs. none</p>

<p>Actually, the iBook would be much more durable. iBooks have a polycarbonite exterior shell, magnisium frame and rubber mounted harddrive. It's designed to be thrown in your backpack with all of your books, while the powerbook is designed to be handled gentler. Not saying the powerbook would be fragile, but the 12-inch doesn't have the motion sensor and powerbooks don't fair well if dropped because the case bends (have actually seen this!). I know people with both sizes iBooks and they're all pleased with them.</p>

<p>Do macs come with any kind of word processing on them or does it have to be purchased?</p>