Buying a new tv--

We have had our last 50" tv for 13 years and only bought that because the other big box one blew up.
H watches about 2 hours a week so he has no investment. I watch about 2 ( or less) hours a day. We do occasionally watch a movie.
Our couch is about 12 feet from the current tv.
We are thinking 65" but I have read–“go as big as you can!”.

Go as big as you can afford… and can carry out of the truck. :slight_smile:

It depends on how much you want the tv to be a presence in the room. 65" sounds HUGE to me already.

We have a 55 inch and sit 14 ft. away from the TV. I think you can get away with a 65". It will seem huge at first, but you’ll get used to it. Why don’t you cut and paste newspapers that size to get a feel.

I would go for picture quality rather than size if you have cost constraint. I have a very nice TV in one apartment and an average TV in another apartment, and I can tell a difference when I go from one TV to another.

12’ is a pretty good distance so I think a 65" would work for a great viewing experience. But it doesn’t sound like your family is really into TV that much, so the cons might outweigh the pros depending on your priorities. The cost and size of a 65" being the two big cons. There seem to be pretty good deals with 60" and smaller these days, with 65" getting you up into the “premium” price range.

We have a samsung 65" and love it. Go big.

Not a fan of huge TV’s. We have a 40" and I’d replace with the same size when the time comes. I don’t want a TV to be the focal point of a room. JMO.

Go big- but go best brand first. My 720p 10 year old 50" Panasonic plasma still works and I’m waiting for OLED prices to come down. I could fit up to 65" in the space I think, that’s my dream. Bigger is better. But- watch out for quality. I’d avoid Vizio from my niece’s experience. You also want to check on the “amenities”- the same model number bought at stores like Walmart may not have the same number of HDMI connectors et al.

We like Samsung for quality currently. I made sure the TV I bought my now 90 year old father was of a size and quality one of his grandkids can inherit in a few years- went 50" which amazed him after his old cube one. For us the TV’s stand is important- to fit the current setting the legs need to be central, not at the edges. We went to a lot of trouble to find a piece that would accommodate H’s large Onkyo receiver- so many lacked weight bearing capacity on the shelves, had something blocking the back many cables or lacked height for it.

You want a good picture with good colors, motion handling and viewing angles. Samsung and LG are good brands. is a good reviewing source to learn what to look for.

 If "big as you can" means bigger than 65",  aren't you basically talking about 70"?    Seems to me (and I have been doing similar research/rationalizations recently)  there isn't much bigger than 70", and the price goes up dramatically for those huge-er TV sizes. 

We have a wall-mounted 42" plasma, purchased maybe 10 years ago (for $2000!!!), so I have threatened to buy a new 65 or 70" replacement, but so far, in spite of all the rising anticipation, excitement, potential, and lowering costs, I have looked at the perfectly acceptable TV on the wall and said, “Why bother?” If I need to see a larger picture I just get up, walk over to the TV and stand about one foot in front of it. I am hoping it will just break so I will be forced to replace it!

How big is the room? If it’s 14x14 that’s a little different than if it’s 14x20.

What are you putting the TV on? Will that tv stand accommodate a 65 inch tv?

If hanging on the wall…how large is the wall?

Big is fine if the room can really accommodate it. Neighbors bought a 65 inch TV for their 14x20 family room and returned it a couple of days later for a 50 inch. The 65 was just too big for their tastes.

To be honest, I would be overwhelmed with that big a screen in my living room, because it isn’t that big. I have a 46" and it does the job fine…but a lot of this comes down to esthetics, what we like, too. Try to get one with the higher refresh rate, 120mhz or higher, it does make a difference, the 4k if you have to pay a premium for it isn’t worth it, it is a gimmick. I also recommend not buying one with smart tv features built in (if it comes with the set and you aren’t paying a premium for it, then it is not a big deal), the smart aps on the tv work like crap IME, you are a lot better off getting a device like a Roku or the Amazon TV stick or whatnot (with my living room set, a Sony, the wireless connection worked like crap, the router is literally right next to it, so I used the hardwired network connect), or if you want to stream off a computer to the screen, get a chromecast gizmo.

Here’s a link to a summary -

In my opinion, at 12’ a 70" or 75" screen would be nice. Our local Costco has a 75" for under $2000.

Our last TV blew up which was entertaining S and his friend as they were playing video games. So that was an easy decision.
We have just put a 43" in our bedroom for the occasional watching when we have people staying with us and I stay up late and do not want to bother them. It is a smart TV and we are just figuring things out. The craziest thing is that the cable cannot be put on the wall where it is needed due to the bathroom plumbing and such. We purchased a remote $$$$ cable system and while the cost is ridiculous have overall found it works very well. Bought it from Amazon. Basically no wires! Amazing picture.

The room is about 16 X 22 approx. and a designated TV/family room. Sadly we had our last tv built into an alcove. We have a table that fits the alcove and our current TV sits on it. I am aware that we must make sure the new TV stand is able to sit on the table.
(it actually looks fine). The TV sits just in front of the alcove opening. Hope this makes sense!

I think we have decided on a 65" but will price out the 70" which we have not yet done. I want to buy from Costco and have it delivered. When we watched our TV after looking the other day…well
wow the colors and quality sure are lacking.

Go Big and get a Samsung. As we get older, everything needs to be big to be seen properly. What seems big now will become small 10 years later.

Which TV has the best sound?

We will buy a sound bar system–
but as I wear hearing aids I want the built in blue tooth also

I also wear hearing aids. We bought a sound bar for one we purchased for a den and it does help. I wear a minitek on the main one…I think that’s considered Bluetooth? And I hear every syllable as it turns off the aids and streams through them. Is that what yours does?

Thanks for the info! We have a Bose sound bar, but it doesn’t work as well as we’d like, especially for British programs. Any experience with this one…

Wow…wish I had read about that before buying ours just a couple months ago.