buying Macbook from Official APPLE online or campus store

<p>Has anyone purchased macbook online (the official apple online) ? </p>

<p>How is the shipping and delivery? You have to go to post office to pick it up right?</p>

<p>I bought mine in an Apple store, but I'm guessing ordering a computer online would be the same as ordering a pair of shoes online...</p>

<p>Preferably, get it through the official Apple store. H</p>

<p>OWEVER, a Tip: Even though there is a student discount, the taxes eat it all away. If you buy from an online store with no student discount BUT no taxes, you will save a lot of money. Especially for the lower end MacBook model.</p>

<p>I go mine online, and it went right to my house, was there within week.</p>

<p>u mean there is no tax for online orders?</p>

<p>There's tax for apple store online orders. But amazon doesn't charge tax from what I know. If you opt for overnight delivery (I don't trust UPS or whatever to not lose it in more than one day) fedex will deliver it to your door. You have to sign for it or put a release form on the door.</p>

<p>Apple's really good about shipping stuff on time. I ordered an iPod for my birthday and I opted for two-day shipping. I ordered on a monday night, was there about 1:30pm thursday. Ordered my computer the day before new year's eve (dec 31 was a sunday last year, the day after that was new year's) it was shipped out 45 minutes after I finalized my order even though there were credit card problems. Got it about noonish jan 2nd (I did overnight).</p>

<p>but u know when u pay, the total doesn't show any tax added....</p>

<p>It depends on whether there's also an Apple retail store in your state. I didn't use to have to pay taxes on Apple online orders, but now I do.</p>

<p>Mac connection also does not charge tax and they have rebates. If you go through fatwallet you will get an additional percentage off.</p>

<p>Although it may be some more money due to taxes I'm going to buy from the Apple store online. If I got it somewhere else, chances are it voids the warranty so if something goes wrong it sucks for me and I'll probably end up paying more than if I just paid the taxes.</p>

<p>Are you getting the free iPod with it?</p>

<p>if you get it from a certified retailer then the warranty comes with it. I don't know what you mean by void the warranty.</p>

<p>Oh and about the free ipod you actually have to buy it and send in a rebate form. They will only give you back up to $199 so if you get the 4gb nano which is $199 it ends up not being free because of the tax.</p>

<p>Oh I see, thanks. Well I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra though, my iPod is on its way out.</p>

<p>I purchased my macbook offline. It was really nice because I got my own sales rep that helped me with everything. He contacted me through email and over the phone. It was really easy because he was there to answer any questions I had. </p>

<p>As far as shipping it goes it wasn't supper fast nor slow. It was here in a matter of days</p>