By Experience

<p>I'm ecstatic to take my leave (not as a graduate, but as part of the 45% who transfer from the university). </p>

<p>The priorities executed by the university's administration itemizes student concerns at the bottom of the list. They invoke words like "transparency" and use town hall meetings as devices, which results in absolutely no noticeable change. </p>

<p>My freshman year there, despite having gone through several orientations and other introductory programs, the school quietly ushered in a third party, live-in group of students whom no one had known was living on campus, let alone arriving. They come through a company known as Education First (EF), an English learning service where children from foreign countries come to the United States to learn the language. A rare number of schools allow them on their campuses, and Oglethorpe is one of them. Long story short, Oglethorpe students (and an impressive number of professors) are not pleased, more like furious, with their presence since they've arrived. From the dramatic number of sexual harassment reports to the overcrowding of student facilities & classrooms, a lot of negative change has impaired the chance of an effective relationship between students of Oglethorpe and EF. There are currently 217+ EF students learning at Oglethorpe U. To put that in perspective, the academic body at Oglethorpe is 1,000+ students. The school's buildings were meant to accommodate less than that number considering that the academic body itself is over sized, growing each year. Then add 217+ bodies, and you get a noticeable environmental change. </p>

<p>The Oglethorpe students reject socializing beyond the scope of close friends & egress from their respective pits for two reasons: meal time & class. No matter the social event, limited number of students ever attend.</p>

<p>On the topic of academia, I will only speak on departments that I've had the pleasure or pain of taking. There are two professors of physics. I recommend the one whose last name is the latter of the first professor. Unfortunately, the instruction of the first professor is inevitable if you're a physics/engineering student like myself. Tough shit, good luck. The Math Department has a varied spectrum of professors. Choose wisely. Don't be afraid to ask other students who you should take. It really will have an impact on what you've learned and, consequently, your GPA (unless you're an autodidact or something). The Psychology Department is absolutely wonderful (they actually challenge your mind and it's fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend if you choose psych. as your focus). Though eccentric, the Sociology Department is interesting & commands student involvement. </p>

<p>I could go on & on, but I feel as if this is a sufficient hook, imploring you to look at school specifics.</p>