By how much were you guys able to INCREASE your SAT/ACT score

In my case,

Sophomore (PSAT): 1100
Junior(SAT): 1210

I made significant improvement but I’m not sure if it’s going to work on my next SAT lol
I hope I can get 1400+!!!
Btw I’m a foreigner so I have less expectation to myself

This is my progression:

Sophomore & Junior (PSAT/NMSQT) - 1370 same score, surprisingly
Junior SAT (April 2018) - 1400
June 2018 SAT - 1430 (sadly, missed only 3 on math and got a 720 because of the curve, did better on reading/writing and got a worse score, 730 to 710)

Freshman PSAT: 1310
Freshman practice ACT: 30

Sophomore PSAT: 1410
Sophomore practice ACT: 35
Sophomore SAT: 1500
Sophomore ACT: 36!!!

Junior PSAT: 1450
Junior SAT: 1550 (score went up even with that awful curve)

Senior SAT: who cares I just want an 800 in math

For my kid whose only prep was taking one or two practice exams before a test and despite my reminders probably never prepped for PSAT.

Jan 11th grade 700 Ebrw 800 M
June 11th grade 720 Ebrw 800 M
August 12th grade 740 Ebrw 800 M

June 11th grade 33
September 12th grade 35 (35.25 if you want to be exact)

Can’t remember 10th grade, probably 13 something
11th grade: 1470, barely missed the cutoff for NMSF. Unknown as to how much money that costed me