Byrd money? Anybody get it yet?

<p>University warned us that the Byrd money is very slow to be disbursed. Just want to be sure we are not out of the loop somehow. Is everybody else still waiting for the check?</p>

<p>Actually, we got it about two weeks ago. Had son sign it,,then sent it to the college (after realizing he could have brought it to student accounts if I'd left it with him.Duh)</p>

<p>This is in NJ; I think each state probably has its own timetable.</p>

<p>When does notifications that you won the Byrd scholarship begin?</p>

<p>We found out in late spring, I'd say May/June. Son wasn't nominated by his school until spring, then all nominees in NJ wrote an essay the same day which was submitted to the state. Each state has its own timetable, but I'm pretty sure that nothing happens until spring.</p>