BYU Class of 2022 Decisions

Starting the discussion early for when decisions come out!

Eighteen days to go!

Will BYU notify some applications before the deadline?

@Simon88 as far as I know, all decisions have been released on the same day in the past (besides priority which they do not have anymore)

Anyone know what time decisions are released.

Just the rest of today and then tomorrow to go!

Have any of you searched for your name on the BYU student directory or logged into myBYU to see if there is student info there? I saw from a post on this site from a few years ago that it might show if you’ve been accepted a few days earlier than the acceptance letter. I’d love to hear if applicants have tried that this year.

@brobrig thanks for the tip!

@brobrig looks like nothing so far!

@brobrig I saw that as well! It has said non- matriculated for the past few months now, which I’m assuming means I wasn’t accepted or it doesn’t work anymore. Does yours say admitted?

@bellasmith Mine says Non-Matriculated as well, I didn’t know what that meant so I looked it up, I don’t think it means you didn’t get accepted.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to link to external websites on College Confidential, but this is what BYU Admissions said about the “non-matriculated student” designation on their official Facebook page in 2015: “‘Non-matriculated’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘not admitted.’ The term just applies to applicants or students who haven’t taken classes yet.”

Does anyone know which site to check admissions on?

Today’s the day! Admissions out this evening.

@ummsail, my understanding is that we will be able to view our decisions on the CES application portal by clicking Status → Decisions.

Last year decisions came out several hours later than the announced time, and were not announced all at once. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to how the releases were done (admitted vs not, time zone, alphabetical, etc), so be patient!

There’s a rumor going around that 5 is the time that they will be released, can anybody confirm that?

The website is down for me. ETA: Site is back up but my decision has yet to be posted.

It probably went down because we’re all checking it every few minutes, so nerve wracking!

Still nothing in my applications portal.