BYU Provo Chances

Just submitted my app and wondering about my chances. I have a 1480 SAT score which is really good, and converts to a 32 or 33 act score. My gpa is a 3.58 which is considerably lower than the average. However, its mostly held back by my sophmore year where I got garbage grades. My junior and senior year my gpa was fine. I also do full IB, take 4 hl’s, including math, physics, chemistry, and history, and have all predicted 6’s. Im captain of the basketball team and first chair violist. Full time member, and I’ve lived in spain for the last two years. My counselor thinks I’m fine but the average GPA is so high… also where was I supposed to list something like duty to god on the application. A lot of people here mention that but I didn’t see a place to mention it. Thanks in advance.

@jwar7373 With your tests scores you will get in for sure! I ran into the same problem with no where to list personal progress on the application, but everyone kept telling me how important it was. I can’t remember if I ended up putting it on my application or not, but maybe people include it under extra curricular?

@bellasmith Thanks! I don’t know how it was previously, but this year BYU only let you put 2 extracurricular activities. Obviously you could mention more in your essay, but I didn’t want to waste one of my two extracurricular activities on something the majority of people applying have.

I ended up getting accepted, feels great