C++ Course Help College App.?

<p>So currently, im a incoming junior and i'm enrolled in Game Institute's online c++ programming course module I and II , if i pass this course will this look good on my college application considering i plan on majoring in computer science? I REALLY REALLY want to go to USC Viterbi for their Computer Science(Games) B.S degree program. Will this look at all impressive on my college application?</p>

<p>Yes and no. Yes, it will help you more than doing nothing and demonstrates some interest in the field. No, it won't help you very much because it's not exactly that remarkable. Now, if you created some simple games that would be a lot more impressive. Or spent a summer in Africa doing humanitarian work. Or recycled old computers and gave them to poor school districts. Applicants who pick up some book and mess around with programming are going to be a dime a dozen.</p>