C+ freshman year- is there hope?

As the title says, I received a C+ in my first semester of freshman year, that too, in math - along with a couple of B’s, leaving my maximum potential gpa at a ~3.83.

I feel like this is an irreparable blemish on my application. What even sucks is that I want to major in something physics related.

How much will this hinder my application to schools such as Stanford, MIT and Caltech? I’ve definitely improved, and this semester of soph year I got an A- in precalc H.


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You could be a 4.0 and perfect 36 ACT and have a hard time getting into those schools.

If I were struggling in 9th grade, I’d worry less about where I’m going to college (and if you want to, you will) and more about your struggles. I’d get with my teachers, a tutor, online resources - whatever - and understand what you are not understanding because the math will build from here.

Physics is studied at most every college in America - but I suggest you figure out your academics (and if you’re struggling, maybe your rigor is a bit hard), partake in out of school activities - whether a club, off campus activity, sport, or job) and be a kid.

Worrying yourself about Stanford and others i your first year of HS is a bit silly, unnecessary and very premature.

Do what I noted above and come back in two years. I promise - you’ll be able to study physics if that’s what you want. But first, be the best you that you can be - not what you think others want you to be.

Good luck.



Having a 4.0 won’t get you into any of the schools you named and not having a 4.0 won’t mean automatic rejection. If you want to go into physics, then make sure you are learning the concepts you need to know.

Focus on LEARNING first and foremost, and the grades will follow. And colleges do tend to like an upward trajectory to grades, especially when it’s the result of hard work and personal growth (something you can write about either in an essay or explain in the additional info section).

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