C+ in AP Chem?

<p>here is the deal: I got a C+ in AP Chem in the fall term of my senior year,and I am very, very worried. I have posted this before, but i just started getting stressed over this again after the New Year. How much have I ruined my chances of getting in very competitive schools. I mean REAL competitive, schools like Yale, Princeton, Penn, MIT...I have been a straight A student through out my high school career, this is the first time that I got a grade below an A. And if I can improve my chem grade in winter mid-term signficantly, how much will it help? thanks for your help!</p>

<p>Is that a weighted grade?</p>

<p>bad...really bad</p>

<p>no, it's not weighted, i go to a very competitive prep school in New England,</p>

<p>So will the colleges see a C+, or will they see a higher grade? I guess I am asking if the C+ will be given any weight.</p>

<p>all of my fall term grades are on the transcript, so yes, they will see the C+</p>

<p>Ouch man, ouch.</p>

<p>not looking good.</p>


<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>Just wondering, what constitutes a C+, like percentage-wise?</p>

<p>depends on the school. either it's you slacking off or a really bad teacher. you may need to explain if questioned about it.</p>

<p>Work hard, get a lot of improvements, get an A in second term, and colleges will be okay with it.</p>

<p>76.5% to 79.4% at my school</p>

<p>that's what i have at my school</p>

<p>I was wondering why a C+ seemed so bad. At my school 79.4 is a D+.</p>

<p>what the F ^ ?</p>

<p>Actually, probably more like a C-.</p>

<p>but then its probably really easy to get a good percentile at ur school.</p>

<p>A's are not easy in most classes (93-100). B's are manageable, for me.</p>

<p>well, in the fall term, we had two big tests and a final exam which together count more than 60% of the grade. I didn't do very well on the first two tests and the majority of the class scored even lower than I on the first one and about the same on the second one. Then, there is the final, which was supposed to be our chem teacher's gesture of kindness and raise everyone's term average. I thought i did pretty well after the final and even contemplated getting a grade above b+, probably even an A. But when I got the final back after the thanksgiving break, i was SHOCKED by the number of multiple questions that I got wrong. so basically i screwed up a final which even though is 3hs long and could have helped me.
The main reason for me doing so poorly was because at the same time i was taking six academic classes which is considered A LOT at my very competitive and intense school. Besides chem, i am also taking multivariable calculus and ap physics in which i got A and A-. I poured an unproportionally huge amount of time over music theory and french iii advanced (i was still an ESL in my freshman and sop year), both of which are easy but very time consuming for me. And there were also my EC's and college apps on top of that. I ended up being very sleep deprived through out my fall term, therefore i kept making some really really stupid and unreasonable mistakes on my tests.</p>