C+ in Calc?

<p>I just learned that I earned a C+ in Calc and Analytical Geometry 1 for my first semester. Will this grade affect my chances of a possible transfer? Is it worth taking over again for a better grade, or taking a different math class?</p>

<p>Any grade affects your chances to transfer. Particularly if you're trying to transfer 'up' as a soph to a school you wouldn't have been accepted to as a fr, then the grades for your first semester are a big factor.</p>

<p>Since you're applying to transfer for next fall, schools will see at most a mid year report for classes taken next semester. A different class will help if it's a higher class and you do well in it, a lower class with a high grade will not help substantially.</p>

<p>Should I then take the class off my record and replace it with a different one?</p>

<p>kid dont sweat this c+ one class won't make or break your chances of transferring if you got all A's in the rest of your classes this grade won't hurt you, colleges don't just look at specifics like one class they look at your overall grade trend</p>

<p>Well, I have about a 3.7 without it and a 3.3 with it.</p>

colleges don't just look at specifics like one class they look at your overall grade trend


<p>Soph transfers don't have a 'trend', they have only 1 sem of college coursework when they apply, so all of their college grades count strongly, particularly when they are trying to transfer up to a more selective college.</p>

<p>some colleges will only look at your college transcript so there will be a trend if a person has all A's and one C+, it will clearly show the applicants strengths and weaknesses regarding to their major of choice.</p>

<p>Does this change things if I transfer as a rising junior instead of sophomore?</p>

<p>kid, dont fret over this grade.</p>

<p>Haha, thanks.</p>

<p>if it's the only C on your transcript, it won't hurt you that much. there's a possibility you can earn a higher grade in Calc 2, which can reduce the blow of Calc 1.</p>