C.S. Major at Claremont


I’m a student from India looking to major in computer science from a LAC. I’ve taken a liking to CMC, having understood that I can take all my computer classes at Harvey Mudd. I intend to E.D. at CMC.

Can someone please verify this process? My parents are sceptical and say that what if you get in to CMC but aren’t allowed to take classes at Mudd (which would be a disaster).

Also, even I am guaranteed to take my classes from Mudd, what will my resume look like? C.S. major from Mudd or CMC?

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at this page (it has all the information you’re looking for):

Thank you, and yes, that did have most of the info I needed.

However, I have one basic question, if anyone can answer it: when I graduate from say Mckenna, what will my resume look like? ‘B. Sc. in CS from Harvey Mudd’? or CMC?


^If you applied to CMC, you’ll get your degree from CMC, not HMC.

Hi, I was just at a presentation that included the AO from CMC. AO said CMC is no longer letting students go over to Harvey Mudd to do CS as a major as they were taking much-needed spots from Harvey Mudd students. You can do a minor or a sequence, but no major.

Any updates on this issue? Under Sequences, the website says:


I’d like to know whether it’s possible to major in CS and what “approval” is based on.

They have completely changed the program and Mudd is taking less students from CMC (very few). Most people that want to do the CS major can’t do It since they’re not taking students.

Here is an article from the student newspaper from Oct 2019…it does seem Mudd (and Pomona) have to limit students from other schools who want to major in CS. Pomona has a CS major as well, CMC and Scripps have CS minors. It sounds like all consortium schools (article is lacking info on Pitzer) are trying to hire more CS professors and expand their programs.


The reality is that many schools across the country are struggling to fulfill the rapidly increasing CS major demand. There aren’t enough CS profs for schools to hire, whether tenure track, non-tenure track, or adjunct.

Something to keep in mind if one is certain they want to major in CS…definitely check out the department staffing situation (is it mostly tenure/tenure track profs or adjuncts/instructors?), course offerings, theory vs. practical focus, whether the major is capped, can non-majors get classes, etc.