CA Communications/Media Production/Creative Writing

<p>Basically, my first choice would be to go to a film school and to pursue a career in that area. But just in case that doesn't work out... well, I'm just considering alternatives that utilize similar interests...and uhm, I'm also just kind of combining several threads into one. Could anyone let me know of any good schools for majoring in journalism (broadcast or print) and/or advertising and/or media production and/or creative writing in California? The possibility of taking electives in film would be nice, but not required. Same thing with internship opportunities. Thanks...</p>


<p>Take a look at these schools: Univ. of Southern Calif., UCLA, UC Riverside (has an excellent creative writing program), UC Irvine (ditto), UC San Diego (nice communications program), UCSanta Barbara (good film), Cal STate Monterrey (very nice film), Loyola Marymount (excellent for film and communications), Chapman University (great film program, good communications program, strong marketing program for that advertising), University of Redlands (nice marketing program, very good creative writing program, the Johnston Center lets you develop your own course of study), University of San Diego (communications), Pepperdine (communications, marketing, advertising), Santa Clara U(excellent communications and advertising program), University of the Pacific (communications), San Diego State University (journalism), Cal State Long Beach (film), University of San Francisco (communications, business/marketing, film), California College of Art (film),
Occidental (film, English), Scripps College (female - creative writing), Pitzer College (film studies), Mills College (female - creative writing, media studies). Whew, that should get you started. Have fun!</p>