CAA Alumni Leadership Scholorship

<p>I've gotten about a hundred emails from Berkeley about this merit scholarship. Does it mean anything? Does everyone get one, or are they giving me a hint I have a good shot of getting into UCB?</p>

<p>This is the email,</p>

<p>Dear Prospective UC Berkeley Student,</p>

<p>The Cal Alumni Association would like to invite you to apply for The Leadership Award. This one-year, merit-based scholarship recognizes Cal students who provide outstanding, innovative, and motivational leadership contributions in their academic, work, or community environments. Over 75 years old, this is one of the most esteemed scholarship designations at UC Berkeley. Be a part of the tradition of excellence and apply today.</p>

<p>It has nothing to do with admission. It is sent out to everyone who checks of boxes on the UC App that correspond to the qualities desired for this scholarship.</p>

<p>The alumni association obtains the contact information and general profile of applicants from the admissions office and sends out invitations based on criteria the alumni association determined to reflect the type of students it wants to apply for the scholarships. The process is separate from the admission evaluation as the alumni association is a different entity (typically a nonprofit attached to the university). Receiving an invitation has no bearing on your admission status.</p>