Cable television

<p>Do we have to pay for cable? Or is there a basic package for free?</p>

<p>I think it's 70 dollars per semester. I believe it is automatically added to room and board. You and your roommate have to opt out of it if you don't want it.</p>

<p>^That is correct. </p>

<p>It's a nice cable package, in my opinion. I'd take fewer sports channels and more movie channels, but I prefer it to what we have at home.</p>

<p>Those rooms seem so small. I can't even imagine a TV fitting anywhere and what sitting on a desk chair to watch it? Can't you just watch stuff on your laptop. Don't kids gather in the lounges or somewhere to watch away games as a group??</p>

<p>It depends on the room. My room had MORE than enough room for a big screen tv. We had a 20ft cable cord and rolled our tv around the room. No problem. Some rooms might bet a little harder. I had a 12 inch tv prepared to sit on my desk but ended up having room for a bigger one.</p>

<p>I never saw kids in the lounges watching the games. There weren't tvs in the lounges. I brought mine down once for a movie night with my student org but I never saw anyone else do it. Maybe it was just my dorm. But people did gather in each others dorms to watch the games.</p>

<p>It's actually $135 a semester. I'm pretty sure. Might be wrong though..</p>

<p>I just checked. It's apparently $140 for Fall and Winter, and $70 for Spring/Summer. I wonder if it's gone up, that doesn't seem right to me at all. o.O</p>

<p>Yeah, it's $140 but you split it with however many roommates you have.</p>

<p>That makes sense, that must be it.</p>