Cable TV in dorm rooms??

Hi! I want to know what the cable situation is like in dorm rooms. Is there a cable that we need to bring with us? Is cable free in dorm rooms or do we have to pay for it? What is offered on cable? Thank you in advance!

Disclaimer - I could not find any up to date info on this on Bucknell’s website. But in 2012 when my son was a freshman, he was able to rent a cable box. He paid for it and picked it up during orientation. There was a place right on campus to do so. I do not remember whether he had to provide his own cable wire. However, he found that he did not use the cable TV at all, and he returned the box after the first semester. When he was in his room he either watched Netflix on his computer or played videogames on his TV. If he wanted to watch TV, he did so in the lounge with the other students on his hallway.