CaCl2 solution, pH>7. pH=7 or pH<7 ?

<p>CaCl2 solution, pH>7. pH=7 or pH<7 ? thx</p>

<p>I think pH > 7</p>

<p>It's a salt, so basically it is neutral</p>

<p>However, if you wanted to get more technical than AP Chemistry, it would be slightly basic</p>

<p>Best answer would be = 7</p>


<p>I think pH <7, not quite sure.
CaCl2=Ca2+ + Cl- , H2O =H+ + OH- , Ca 2+ +2 OH- =Ca(OH)2 </p>

<p>Ca(OH)2 is weak base because it hard resolved into water.</p>

<p>pH = 7 and here is why:</p>

<p>Split up the molecule into its two elements
Ca + Cl2
Then if you add water to each element -
Ca would make Ca(OH)2 since it is a cation &
Cl would make HCl since it is an anion</p>

<p>Well, Ca makes a strong base while Cl makes a strong acid. Therefore, both would immediately dissociate in water and you would not have more of either a base or an acid since both dissociate. This is a simpler way of determining it.</p>


<p>If it is NaCl, I'll say you are right, pH =7</p>

<p>cool5s, </p>

<p>Ca(OH)2 is a strong base... not a weak base. So it is true for CaCl2 also.</p>

Since Ca(OH)2 is a strong base. (to those who may think that it is a weak base: not all strong bases resolve in water)
And HCl is a strong acid.
So hte solution is neutral</p>

<p>I learned Ca(OH)2 is a strong base, but I remember my teacher pointing out that it did have a Ksp value. If this was a question on a test, I would go with pH = 7.</p>

<p>However, just for fun:</p>

<p>If Ca(OH)2 has a Ksp value of 7.9 x 10-6, would it form enough solid to make a difference? I REALLY don't feel like doing the math right now, so someone else please enlighten us :). And isobell, this question is about a CaCl2 solution, so the fact that "not all strong bases resolve in water" will have to be factored in.</p>

<p>CaCl2 has a pH of just below 7; the value is about 6.4. Therefore it is acidic.</p>

<p>Thanks for clearing that up!</p>