Cal and petition for grade change

<p>Hey guys, I dont know if any of you remember but I was the one with the disappointing Spring semester grades that put me at just under a 3.0 with a 2.93 and as a result was going to get my admission to Cal revoked. However, I spoke with a teacher and he let me do some extra assignments for a grade change and now I have a 3.2 this semester! Yeah! </p>

<p>However, although my teacher agreed and there is no reason he would say otherwise, since it was after the semester and grades had been officially posted I still had to file the paperwork to petition a grade change. The student services office had told me that the petition goes to the dean of the division (math and science) to sign, and then to my teacher, and then when filed back at the office my grade should get changed. I know my teacher will sign it for sure but does anyone know of any reason the Dean wouldnt? </p>

<p>Im also worried because they said it could take anywhere from a few days to a few months to be processed. If it is not finalized by July 15th when my transcripts are due can I send in my transcripts without the grade change and then send in the grade change petition approving the grade change later? Sorry for all the question! haha...thanks though!</p>

<p>Let your admissions officer know what's going on.</p>