Cal arts Acceptance or rejections class of 2024

Anyone hear from Cal Arts yet?
Please post-acceptance or rejection.
My D accepted to SCAD , SVA, and Ringling for Animation waiting on CalArts…

Same here. Got accepted to Ringling, SVA, SCAD Animation. i called the admissions at Calarts yesterday and found out that they would make announcements within 2 weeks.

Hard to wait- I know some accepted student have heard already that is why I am asking. I know they send out acceptance in department groups then rejections come later- on other forums I know other departments have heard. Good luck. What school are you considering as top choice/

Yeah, this waiting is such a torture haha Since I’m an international student, Calarts would be my first pick and SVA the second.

Where are you from?

is it a portal update when decisions come out?

I’m from South Korea, and haven’t heard anything from school yet. :frowning:

Wow crazy isn’t it- are you waiting on any other schools?
My D has been accepted to SCAD Ringling, RIT ( wait listed) and SVA- we are leaning towards Ringling or SCAD but Cal Arts is Number one.

Some of the results are out today from Calarts. Search for #Calarts on the Instagram.

Hi! I’m from S Korea too! Did u get accepted??

Nope did you?

Just got the rejection letter at 11:17 pm.

Dominion- did you get accepted to Cal Arts? My D is going to commit to either Ringling or Scad- hoping for Ringling- just need more scholarship money to commit.

I did, which was very surprising!? Hope you get a good news soon!!

My daughter did not get accepted. She will either go to Ringling or SCAD congrats to you.

It looks like there are 20 acceptance results posted on Instagram. Anyone else here?

Still waiting for Musical Arts - EXP…

Anyone else still waiting? Getting impatient…

Just seeing this old discussion-looking at Ribgling for next fall and DD got “small” Merit award in comparison to cost. Did u get other offers from them later on?? Did she choose it?