Cal Basketball Season Tickets

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>I know that the freshman tickets for football go on sale Tuesday, but I guess so do the basketball. Can't really afford the basketball tickets, but will be able to once school starts. Will the men's basketball student section be sold out by then, or can I wait until the academic year starts?</p>

<p>It is really hard to say. Actually, to my knowledge they didn't even start selling the basketball student season tickets until like September last year. I don't think they went all that quickly. In fact, I think they might have even been selling some student single game tickets on the day of some games. BUT expectations for the team are a lot higher this year after an unexpected good year last year, so they might go much quicker this season. So I would get them as soon as you can, although I wouldn't worry too much. It isn't like they are going to be sold out tomorrow or even in the next week lol.</p>

<p>Nah, I don't think they ever got rid of all the basketball season tickets.</p>

<p>... but if student tickets don't sell out at some point this season, then they should disband the whole frickin' basketball program. ESPN's Andy Katz has Cal ranked at #11 going into the season, for goodness sakes. Bring back Harmon Gym! Go Bears! </p>

<p>Andy</a> Katz: Final top 25 before the fall - ESPN</p>

<p>I don't know much about the rest of the Pac-10, but we're not that good. We have absolutely no post presence, unless Yao becomes a star suddenly, and we say that good guard/wing play couldn't get us past the first round.</p>

<p>Cal is in good shape, how well the season plays out remains to be seen. Cal returns all but one player (Jordan Wilkes) from a team that finished third in conference and was the seventh seed in the tournament. Cal returns two Pac-10 first team players with Jerome Randle and Patrick Christopher. The second year under future Hall of Fame Coach Mike Montgomery promises to be even better than the debut season. Cal will be tested in its early non-conference schedule, going to The Pit at New Mexico, at Allen Fieldhouse versus consensus No. 1 Kansas, and will play two games at Madison Square Garden against Ohio State, Syracuse, or North Carolina. This will be a down year in the Pac-10 (UCLA not even preseason rated) and early indications look like it's going to be toss-up between Cal and Washington for the conference title.</p>

<p>About that front-court...</p>

<p>Incoming JUCO players Markhuri Sanders-Frison will bring all of his 6'8" 287 lbs. bulk to Haas next season. Not sure how much he'll be able to contribute, but his size will undoubtedly help Cal defend the paint.</p>

<p>Max Zhang participated in the World University Games for China. In six games of action, he averaged 18.0 points, 17.3 rebounds, and 5.7 blocks on his way to tournament honorable mention honors.</p>

<p>Harper Kamp is a gritty low-post player in the mold of Mark Madsen. He did some really good things for the team last season even with an injury that was supposed to sideline him all of last year. He's still recovering, but if he is able to stay healthy, watch out. </p>

<p>Go Bears!</p>