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<p>I am very interested in going to Cal for their business program. I am curious as to what it really takes to get in? I read through the 2010 and 2011 decisions thread to get an idea of who had what, what their EC's were and the decision they got from Cal. From the looks of it all it was all pretty much hit or miss. I saw 4.0 with all pre reqs done be turned down and 3.7 missing one get in. So I am just wondering what it really takes to get admitted. Is it grades, pre reqs, general breadth, EC's, work experience? Is there certain classes they want to see with the required ones? EC they prefer to see?</p>

<p>Ec, PS, prereq, gpa.</p>

<p>Where did you read about people missing prereqs getting in? I'm interested in reading that. I was always under the impression that missing one was instant rejection.</p>

<p>its dependant on major too</p>

<p>I'm strictly speaking about transferring to Cal as a Business major. I read it in one of the decision threads. Each one has a lot of pages that I don't much feel like going through right at this moment.</p>

<p>Admission decisions to the business major are made by a committee at Haas. The selection is based on student characteristics and achievements that are in line with the core values of the business school (they are looking for students who have the right "fit," students who will contribute to the school and benefit from the education).</p>

<p>Admission evaluation emphasis is on the supplemental application materials, although the UC application personal statement is also reviewed.</p>

<p>3.7 missing a pre req getting in? where?</p>

<p>@stephen91 Yeah I'm really curious as well. His level of badassery must be off the charts.</p>

<p>Major: Business (Haas)
GPA: 3.70
Major Prerequisites: Complete
Major GPA: Haven't calculated (All A's and one B in Calc)
ECs/Work Experience: Average EC'S (Mentoring, a few clubs, little leadership positions). Very strong work experience (Exec Assistant at Re/Max Accord Real Estate)
Personal Statements: Very strong</p>

<p>Received "Financial Aid: Offer Now Available on MyFinAid" Email: Yes, two of them.
Received "Financial Aid: Financial Aid Document Needed" Email: Yes.</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted!!!!! Fall </p>

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<p>She has her pre-reqs completed.</p>

<p>Yeah, my mistake. I must have gotten confused with all the posts in the thread. After looking through them again it looks like work experience played a factor. By the time I apply for transfer I will have worked at a nice hotel for 3-4 years. Does that should like good experience or should I start looking for more of an office 9-5 job?</p>

<p>It's all good. I figured it was a mistake when you originally mentioned it. </p>

<p>3-4 years of exp at the hotel is good. Main thing is that during your essay you can try to talk about all the skills you developed working there. Problem solving, critical thinking, communication skills, etc. That is the main thing, as opposed to the type of job it is.</p>

<p>Than you so much for the advice. I really appreciate the help.</p>

<p>Work experience/EC's/Essays are a HUGE part.</p>

<p>Work Experience/Internships=Super Huge IMO. I cant see how could effectively market yourself in your essays/resume without the experience. I researched about 30-40 recent Haas transfers on Linkedin and they all had at least 6 months of business related experience. You can have a 4.0 and be the president of every club and you won't get in. </p>

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<p>Any other things you noticed?</p>

<p>More from northern cal? Age? or whatever</p>

<p>Being president of a club means very little to HAAS. Work experience is everything.</p>

<p>I applied last year and I had the same stats as that guy did but I worked at a financial advisory firm where i helped start a hedge fund and I had been trading futures and options since high school and i got rejected. I know a guy who didn't have any work experience with a a low gpa get in to Haas.</p>

<p>The difference: essays/personal statements</p>

<p>His blew mine out the water. I thought my ECs would cover it but apparently they didn't.</p>

<p>Bro, you helped start a HF and still got rejected? You must have had a s h itty GPA, a s h itty PS, or you fradin.</p>

<p>What's fradin??</p>