CAL Cappella group "Noteworthy" was on America's Got Talent!

<p>Hulu</a> - America's Got Talent: Week 1, Night 1 - Watch the full episode now.</p>

<p>i'm freaking lol'ing right now hahaha</p>

<p>starts at about 01:16:00</p>

<p>They edited the hell out it. You can watch an earlier unabridged performance here YouTube</a> - Poker Face a cappella (Lady Gaga) Noteworthy 11/13/09.</p>

<p>That mother****ing judge! This makes me rage!</p>

<p>we CAL students are sure loyal to our own aren't we? some choice quotes from the Youtube link posted above: </p>

<p>"Thansk for all the support! The editors on America's Got Talent really sabotaged our performance. We'll admit it wasn't that great (the acoustics were terrible, plus we were just off) but at the end, we had the audience standing up, cheering for us to go on to Vegas. Sharon even called us "Delicious"... Oh well. Thanks again! " </p>

<p>"When I saw them on Americas Got Talent I was like "YES!!" but then they said "No" and I was like "********!!" ----- Haskel "</p>

<p>"People take things too damn serious... I don think the retarded judges on agt knew it was a parody... The audience sure didn't... That is one stupid ***in audience rofl... Proves the intellect of most dumbass Americans... Anyways u guys are awesome.. Go to bgt"</p>

<p>Noteworthy</a> (UC Berkeley) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>and i love how these guys' wikipedia page sounds like it could be written by themselves lols</p>

<p>don't we have a better men's acapella group? or did they just change the name?
and objectively, they clearly did only an alright/average job because sharon and howie's buzzers weren't lit.</p>

<p>Their singing wasn't exceptional, but the choreography was pretty good. It's an entertaining parody, and there was no reason for that judge to call them annoying little geeks!</p>

<p>Well, none of the judges on America's Got Talent is American (2 Britons and a Canadian). Cultural differences perhaps?</p>