Cal Grant A and Post 9/11 GI Bill?

Hi everyone, I just found out that I am eligible for Cal Grant A for fall quarter of 2017. The thing is however, I am also eligible for post 9/11 gi bill benefits. I know that Cal Grant A can only be used for tuition and fees, but how will that conflict with VA benefits when they pay my tuition and fees? Should I go ahead and take the Cal Grant or should I just let the VA itself pay for it? I am conflicted because I dont think it really matters whether I take the Cal Grant or not since my full tuition would be paid for anyways. This doesn’t mean I won’t take it, but I was hoping to gain some insight from you guys on what path I should take. Thank you!

You may want to contact your campus VA office and see what they suggest.
You have a limited years on the CalGrant whereas the GI bill benefits may not run out?