Cal Grant B, freshman year: $11,853?

<p>Hi, I was originally awarded the $1,551 for Cal Grant B.</p>

<p>However, that recently changed, and they added the $10,302 that Cal Grant A normally awards, for a grand total of almost 12K.</p>

<p>I thought that with Cal Grant B, you start with only $1,551 for the first year, and that the Cal Grant A portion was added to that for years 2,3,4. This, in contrast with Cal Grant A, which simply gives $10,302 for year 1,2,3,4.</p>

<p>Shouldn't this be the award I would get next year? Did they make a mistake?</p>

<p>Any help, please? :)</p>

<p>Hey, they gave me the same amount so it couldn't have been a mistake. Fyi, Im a transfer student(USC-junior).</p>


<p>Right, you're a junior. Like I said, this is normally the amount Cal Grant B would award after a student's first year... It's usually only $1,551 for the first year, and then they add the $10,302 on top of that for the other years (right?). Yet I'm about to start my first year, which is why it seems like a mistake.</p>

<p>Now, I realize that I could just contact them... but I'd rather get more input from others before I do that...</p>

<p>By the way, it was $1,551 for me until July 23rd</p>

<p>Oh, I see. I have a feeling you're right because I was awarded $1,551 for the first 2 years. $11,853 is the most they will give you afterwards and I'm assuming you're at a private school. You can always keep the money lol if it won't hurt your financial aid for the later years. Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful.</p>

<p>hmm ok thanks afresh</p>

<p>hm, i thought Cal Grant A is strictly for tuition payment. In another word you can not cash the money. If you don't have to pay you get no payment
Whereas Cal Grant B, you can get cash and do whatever you want</p>

<p>I also had the same issue. For a second I was ecstatic at the amount but realized it was too good to be true. If you log in on <a href=""&gt;;/a> and click CA Aid Report, there should be a new entry for 7/26 with the correct amount. That's what mine looks like.</p>

<p>Alright thanks Fenixx. On my WebGrant account, a new third entry, dated 7/26, now brings everything back to the original $1,551.</p>

<p>Why would they do that?</p>

<p>GAH!!! Now there is a fourth entry, and we're back to 11k!!!</p>

<p>Here is what I see on the CA Aid Report:</p>

<p>4/21/2010 - $1,551 (Cal Grant B)
6/23/2010 - $11,853 (Cal Grant B)
6/26/2010 - $1,551 (Cal Grant B)
6/29/2010 - $11,853 (Cal Grant B)</p>

<p>This is quite the emotional rollercoaster...</p>

<p>Will I get ~$1,500 or ~$12,000??!! What's going on?? Anyone else having the same issue?</p>