Cal Grant GPA verification and attending multiple community colleges

<p>I just finished filling out FAFSA and am now trying to apply for Cal Grant. I know that youre supposed to go to your community college so they can submit an electronic GPA verification. However, do we need to do this with ALL community colleges we've attended? I've searched on the Cal Grant website and only found this</p>

<p>California</a> Student Aid Commission - What is my Cal Grant GPA?
"I’ve attended several colleges. What college credits count and from which school?
To determine what grades can be included in your Cal Grant GPA, you’ll need to check with the registrar’s office at the college you plan to attend to verify the courses they will accept. It is up to that school to determine the college credits you’ll be allowed to transfer over and also the GPA you have earned."</p>

<p>Anyone that's attended more than one CC and finished the process, please shed some light.</p>

<p>depends where you are attending like for me i go to lattc and lacc so i asked my financial aid at lattc if fafsa calculates all my colleges and they said it does because they are part of the laccd. </p>

<p>So if i attended lacc and smc i would only get financial aid for lacc and not smc since smc is not part of laccd.</p>

<p>I thought that they automatically send in the verification for you? I'm not sure, I would like a clarification on this too. </p>

<p>Additional question for those who know the answer: I just checked the webgrant site and logged into my account and it says my college of attendance is my current CC and that it's "pending renewal" even though I'm planning on transferring this coming fall and that I will no longer be attending the CC. It will change once we submit our SIR right?</p>


<p>Why bet on it being automatic? </p>

<p>It would be your school that you receive your financial aid from that you should get the Cal Grant thing submitted. If you attend 3 CC's to get classes you need, make sure your "parent" CC has all transcripts on record. Sign up with a counselor to go over your transcripts, make sure everything is in, and make sure that Cal Grant thing is submitted. </p>

<p>I have gone to like 6 different schools. Waiting on my hs transcripts to have a complete academic record that will get me IGETC certified and Cal Grant thing (sorry I don't remember the name) done and submitted.</p>


<p>what if I'm not receiving any financial aid from my CC right now (never applied for FAFSA/calgrant before and paid upfront) ?? I really don't want to go through the hassle of scheduling an appointment with a counselor (takes weeks at my CC to get an appointment) and have transcripts from the other CC I attended sent to my main CC. By the time all that is done, I'm worried that the March 2 deadline might already pass.</p>

<p>Another question, does the Calgrant only count the classes you took in community college or do you need to include high school records as well?</p>