CAL Grant Help

<p>So I received some cal grant information today and it said I was awarded an estimate of $12,128 for Berkeley and UCLA (which is tuition for in-state). Now I know these are estimates, but if I were to be accepted and matriculate to one of these schools, would that mean I would receive this money as a grant and not have to pay tuition? Also, how likely is it that this estimate results in the actual amount? Thanks</p>

<p>Cal Grant is what it sounds like: a grant. It is earmarked for only tuition/fees so that is all it can be used for on paper.</p>

<p>The amount you are given will cover all statewide fees (it will not cover campus fees). So yes, it will be accurate even if there is an increase (either Cal Grant will increase or there will be a UC grant added to make up the difference... I had a "UC Fee Grant" once because of such a scenario happening mid-year). Cal Grant is intended to cover all statewide fees at CSUs and UCs (it only covers a set amount each year for tuition at privates). With Cal Grant, you can rest assured that your statewide fees will be covered. There is no guarantee for your campus fees, though.</p>