Cal Grant - Please Help!

<p>A little history to my dilemma: Last year I applied to USC for Fall 2011 and submitted an application for the Cal Grant. I was denied admission to USC and I didn't do anything further with my Cal Grant application. I just left it alone. </p>

<p>My current dilemma: I reapplied to USC for Fall 2012, as well as several other schools, and submitted the Cal Grant Application. I just got a letter in the mail from the Cal Grant Commission saying "The Commission has received information that indicated you are not enrolled at this school. To be eligible to receive the Cal Grant Award, you must notify the Commission of your current school of enrollment."</p>

<p>Question #1: When is the deadline to let the Cal Grant Commission know what school I am going to go to? </p>

<p>Question #2: If the deadline is around March 2nd or so, how am I supposed to let the Commission know what college I am going to if I haven't even received the decisions from the schools? From what I learned last year, most of the schools I applied to didn't give me a decision until mid-May.</p>