Cal Grant Question

<p>So from what I've heard, it seems like any outside scholarships or grants I get (including Cal Grant) will reduce my UG Scholarship dollar for dollar. Is this true? And if it is, does it work the same for Cal Grant?</p>

<p>My UG Scholarship currently covers tuition, but I was also awarded $7500 in private scholarships. I know that that money will reduce my UG Scholarship, but if Cal Grant covers my tuition, does that mean I get to use my private scholarship money for housing and other things?</p>

<p>Sorry if this is convoluted; financial aid really confuses me.</p>

<p>I have the same question as you do, minus the private scholarships. </p>

<p>After the recent UCLA scholarship, the amount of loans left is exactly equal to my EFC. Cal Grant A hasn't been factored in, and I'm curious as to how my package will change.</p>

<p>I'm planning on calling about Cal Grant tomorrow, and I can let you know what I hear. :)</p>

<p>Would you mind posting your findings on here? I am wondering the same thing</p>

<p>bump, anyone find out some info? if not im going to give ucb fin aid office a call tomorrow</p>

<p>OK - so I was only able to call UCLA so far. From what I gather, the Cal Grant will replace need-based money from UCLA. If the Cal Grant is greater than the Scholarship Recognition Award as in my case, it will replace that scholarship and the least desirable parts of the package (e.g. unsubsidized loans) will be reduced accordingly. They are not touching the Achievement scholarship. </p>

<p>This may not be a direct answer for either of you, but I hope it helped.</p>