cal grant question

<p>hi, so i'm thinking about going to de anza for 2 years instead of attending a uc straight out of high school. I was awarded a cal grant A and it says on the website that my "school of attendance" is uc davis. Should i change it to say the community college i will be attending or leave it as davis to put it on hold until i transfer? Thanks!</p>

<p>nobody? :[</p>

<p>i think the cal grant is only for 1 academic year. you have to renew every year if you want it again. so since you have already been awarded it for this year you have to use it or lose it. i don’t get cal grants so I’m not 100% on this but thats my understanding of how it works</p>

<p>i think if you change your school of attendance to de anza, it should automatically put it on hold for up to three years until you transfer since you cant use cal grant a at a ccc. i’ve called csac’s cust service several times and theyve been able to solve all my problems so if anything call them!</p>